Our History

A&B Promotions, Ltd. and A&B Boxing Club have both existed in the district of Wakiso, particularly in Bunamwaya, for the last 3 years. We are the most successful youth sports program with a credible history of producing champions at the amateur level. Currently, A&B Boxing Club holds the Girls National Boxing trophies for the ages between 15 and 17 years.

Our current community program started in 2017 due to the escalation of drug abuse amongst youth within our area, characterized by an increase in both the crime rate and the number of school dropouts.

We began to privately fund an after-school boxing session for young people in the neighbourhood to reduce anti-social behaviour. Alongside the boxing lessons we started to offer mentoring and personal development sessions. Through word of mouth, schools started to request classes for pupils and students on the verge of exclusion. This success led to partnerships with schools like Aggrey Memorial Secondary School, Buloba Christian High School and Bethel Secondary School, eventually developing into the largest non-contact boxing school engagement program in Uganda.

These sessions prompted us to evaluate the underlying complexity of the problems afflicting our neighbouring communities, especially those where deprivation was a factor. We started to look at a different role, expanding into a more holistic approach. This led us to design programs that tackle some of the fundamental causes; such as low education attainment, poor employability skills, mental health problems, obesity – especially in young people, low aspiration, low self esteem, lack of role models, lack of respect for their peers and their elders, drug abuse, and so much more.

We, as A&B Promotions and Boxing Club, are able to address some of these issues through the provision of education for those who are unable to afford it, employment for those who are above the secondary school going age, and by also making available the tools needed to hone their social skills while ministering to them generally, where ever there is dearth.  All this, in the hope of nurturing respectful, brilliant, curious, and courageous Citizens of the World.

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