Our vision is to develop a fully-fledged, sports led, social hub, where all the needs of the community are met and where people feel safe and secure. Apart from mental and physical health services, this program offers mentoring, counselling, education, life skills and employability skills. One of our primary roles is job creation through partnerships with small businesses, offering employment to our members; thus improving their livelihood.

Our values include respect, unity, and courage through personal development. We inspire champions and foster the same values through us caring, training, listening, as well as educating them.
Application of our philosophy imparts belief in self and confidence in ability to our young boxers, nurturing within them a combination of wisdom and imagination, integrity and persistence, and the willpower to strive; doing the right thing even in the midst of opposition and adversity. We motivate them to succeed through dedication, determination and the desire to achieve a championship level both inside and outside of the ring.

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