About Us

A&B Promotions, Ltd. aims at developing and realizing the full potential of a diverse spectrum of youth in Uganda, focusing mainly on those in disadvantaged communities across the country. We use our growing reputation for excellence as a boxing club to engage our demographic, offering them a holistic, fully integrated approach to tackling some of the complex personal and social issues experienced by them within their local communities.

A&B Promotions, Ltd. has the dual purpose of creating champions in the ring, and champions in daily life.
We mentor individuals who, otherwise, wouldn’t be capable of fulfilling their broader potential, by steering them clear of crime and violence, and by progressing them in education and into employment. To accomplish this, we apply our community based programs for at risk young people in the areas of Zana, Bunamwaya, Makindye, Najjanankumbi, Namasuba, Kabowa, Kitebi and other neighbouring communities, as well as utilizing A&B Boxing Club; one of the largest school boxing programs in the country.

We welcome all into our A&B Promotions family; working together, living together and training together with the kind of loyalty, togetherness, trust and accountability that can only be built in an environment that makes such bonds unbreakable. We provide equal opportunities, without exclusion, within our team, within our communities and with all the people we are partner to. We believe everyone should have the chance to be a champion, to earn the respect that we all desire, and to be unified in purpose to something greater than our individual selves.

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